Think For Me

Futureboard offer clients talent acquisition services (on and off-site): sourcing, engaging, interviewing and on-boarding highly sought after digital professionals from graduate through to senior level.

Consultancy and Strategy

Futureboard Consulting works with clients to help them determine their talent acquisition and development strategies. Our approach enables organisations to embed talent management within their everyday business practices, linking recruitment and development to overall business strategy and broader HR processes. Whether you are recruiting digital or early careers talent, Futureboard’s approach enables us to work in partnership with you to create strategies that are as unique as your business. Everything we do is tailored to your specific needs. With our indepth knowledge of the early careers and digital recruitment market, we can share our insights and the latest thinking on issues relating to the multi-generational workplace, skills gaps, diversity and geography.

Our Consultancy and Strategy services include:

• Recruitment and development process audit

• International market research

• Competitor benchmarking

• Talent mapping and campus targeting

• Diversity and inclusion analysis and strategy

• Programme design – the journey to leadership

• Internal focus groups and surveys

Employer Branding

As demand for high calibre early careers and digital talent grow, it is vital for organisations to develop an employer brand proposition that both appeals to a new generation of emerging talent and honestly reflects the reality – good and bad – of the day-to-day employment experience.

Through focus groups, surveys and wider market research, Futureboard can help you gauge the perception of your brand on campus among specific student groups and help enhance your proposition, targeting the candidates who are most likely to be inspired by, and successful in, your organisation.

Assessment Design

Futureboard’s consultants design bespoke assessment and development centres for our clients, using robust competency and strengths based recruitment models, delivered via the latest technology, including immersive and virtual reality assessment.

We take a personalised approach, designing material that links to your view of leadership in the context of your organisation. The materials we create will reflect your employer brand and helps your candidates to understand the reality of life within your organisation. Our goal is to make any assessment or development centre challenging, but also insightful and fun for assessors and candidates alike.

We believe that thorough feedback is hugely beneficial to candidates, helping them to build awareness of their key strengths and highlight any areas in need of additional development.

Development Programme Design

As school leavers, apprentices, graduates and MBAs are becoming increasingly discerning about career choices and more sceptical about marketing propaganda, it is essential that organisations have a forward-thinking approach towards their investment in employee development. We can work with you to produce a future leaders development programme that accommodates your business objectives whilst also inspiring the minds of today’s emerging talent and future leaders.

Our commitment to stimulating and carefully targeted development will ensure that you retain your valued talent long after the initial learning and development programme has been completed. We can either provide a fully-customised programme, or candidates can be enrolled on an ‘open’ course, via our collaboration with Impact International.