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Futureboard is a global RPO business. We work as an integrated extension to your recruitment or HR team, for both large scale and small volume early careers and digital talent acquisition.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Futureboard Consulting has built strong relationships with clients across multiple sectors and geographies. Our unique, personal and bespoke approach to RPO creates a unique understanding between our recruitment teams and clients, enabling you to be confident in our ability to promote your brand at every touch point with your candidates. Every employer that engages Futureboard is assigned a dedicated Account Manager, supported by a team of exceptional, expert consultants.

We use our past experience combined with data derived from existing campaigns to drive objective selection, cost/time efficiencies, improved diversity and inclusion and increased offer to acceptance.

Whether we are managing your entire recruitment campaign, or just supporting you with screening or video interviews, no project is too big or too small. For us, RPO is about great service, superb candidate feedback and long-term relationships.

Our RPO services include:

• Candidate management – there’s no point in designing a great process if it is delivered carelessly; our candidate management team guide, advise and support your candidates as they journey through the selection and assessment process

• Selection and assessment – application screening, test procurement and administration, telephone and video interviewing, assessment centre facilitation and management

• Technology – Futureboard Consulting is vendor neutral; we procure and deploy the right technologies to support your candidate journey, from ATS and talent pooling software, to video interviewing platforms and communications portals

• Project management – every Futureboard Consulting engagement is managed through a detailed, agreed project plan, with regular project meetings to ensure that we are delivering against our agreed timeframes and milestones

• Evaluation – at the end of every project, we conduct a full evaluation session with every client; this is a chance for our consultants and our clients to review what worked and what needs to be refined, and embed an ethos of continuous improvement in each relationship

Candidate Attraction

Marketing is a critical part of any recruitment campaign, but for us the volume of applications received is far less important than the quality of the pipeline generated.

Futureboard’s aim is always to create marketing campaigns that substantiate our clients’ brands and deliver the most appropriate and best qualified applicants. We choose the most appropriate channels to promote your job roles. Our campus marketing team can leverage long-standing relationships with careers services, departments and societies, and we back up this targeted candidate identification with advertising and promotion via job boards, PR and social networks.

STEM Attraction

Growth in STEM talent is a critical priority for organisations across all sectors. We can help you overcome your challenges of recruiting and retaining top STEM talent by giving you access to our ‘Connected’ networks.

We have spent the past ten years developing relationships with students, clubs, societies departments and faculties in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Our ‘Connected’ networks consist of:

• ‘STEM Stars’ – we actively track students at school, under-graduate, graduate level that are majoring in a STEM subject so that we can provide you with access to this group at various levels

• We have established relationships with STEM societies, clubs, chapters and social networks in UK, European and North American Universities

• We run a ‘STEM’ mentor programme to recognise high-potential students that have the potential to become future leaders; introducing students at various levels to professionals in industry.


Futureboard Consulting is as focussed on the success of your employees as we are on recruiting them in the first place. For us, true success comes from the progression of your graduates or school leavers within your organisation, not from simply hiring them. We support many of our clients by delivering training and development interventions, including soft-skills and technical training, running development centres, and sourcing and managing the delivery of e-learning modules.

IGNITE – a collaborative open programme

Whilst most of our development activities are bespoke to each client, we also run an ‘open’ development programmes, accessible by multiple employers, in conjunction with our partner, Impact International. The IGNITE programme is a generic graduate development programme which aims to build the soft skills and leadership behaviours required by graduates in today’s challenging business environment. It is unique in the market, and we use it successfully as the basis for our own internal graduate development.

Typically, the employers who join the IGNITE programme are those who recruit small volumes of graduates annually, but who want their talent to enjoy the same kind of leadership development programme that they could expect at a larger employer.


We use a number of ATS systems to support our clients’ needs. These vary, depending on each client and their individual requirements, but we have a number of tech specialists that can design, build and support the process case by case.