Early Careerists at Futureboard

"Whether you are an under-graduate, graduate, post-graduate or have been working for a number of years, we may be able to help you find an internship or permanent role that will help launch your career."

Early Careerists at Futureboard

“I would recommend Futureboard to anyone: the consultants were always friendly and attentive to my needs. The process was smooth and quick, and the style of interview allowed me to relax and be myself, which ultimately helped me secure an offer. I was given all the details I needed about the job and could ask in confidence about any issues, which is vital when making sure the job in question really is the right one for you.”

Adam Paton

Today’s global economy means that the job market can be a complex place to enter.

We Listen

Futureboard is empathetic to the demands of people in the early stages of their career. Through exploratory conversations, our consultants listen to candidates’ goals, establish a greater understanding of their interests and identify their key skills, talents and strengths. We can help secure challenging roles that best fit candidates’ objectives and provide long-term focus.

We Deliver

With our team’s access to a wide range of global opportunities, Futureboard’s consultants are able to guide candidates in exciting directions and will encourage candidates to consider sectors or roles that may not have been taken into account. To date, we have placed over 1,000 graduates, over 70% within FTSE 100 companies.

We Stay Connected

Futureboard prides itself on building strong relationships and maintaining contact with its candidates throughout the course of their working life, to ensure that their ambitions remain focused and their careers are following their intended trajectory.

How we support you...

Whether it’s supporting a society on campus, or talking to you individually, our approach is to work with candidates to help them figure out what is the right first career move for them. If you need help editing a CV, constructive feedback on interview technique or preparation for assessment centres, our consultants are here to advise you. Our ‘non sales’ approach means that you will always be listened to and given genuine insight into the market.

Become an ambassador...

We work with Student Ambassadors across universities in the UK and Europe on a variety of projects. These might include the promotion of a particular graduate scheme, or perhaps an online ‘hackathon’. We would like your help to access student groups on campus. In return, we offer you the chance to build skills for your CV and be paid in the process. Please email: info@futureboardconsulting.com

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