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“We can support with market research, evaluate your strategy or audit your current process.”

Talent Consulting

Futureboard helps clients improve the quality of their talent by developing a specific
talent strategy and incorporating solutions that add real value. Our approach enables organisations to embed their talent management within their everyday business practices and link it to their business strategy and broader HR processes. Whether it’s recruiting graduates, attracting mid-career talent to development programmes, or experienced professionals to board-level positions, Futureboard is able to help clients develop a personalised approach that is tailored to their specific needs.

Early Careers Consulting

Whether you are entering the ‘early careers’ marketplace for the first time, or reviewing your current attraction and development strategy, Futureboard can help you define or improve your approach.Our services include auditing your current process; conducting marketplace and competitor research on subjects such as internal resourcing of talent programmes; exploring ways to approach new geographic markets and helping you outline a three year strategy.

At Futureboard we have in-depth knowledge of the graduate market and are able to
share our insights and the latest thinking on issues relating to generations in the workplace, gender and geography.

Employer Branding

As demand for high-calibre early professionals grows, and employer branding is considered an increasingly important means of attracting this talent, it is vital for organisations to develop a proposition that both appeals to a new generation of graduates and honestly reflects the internal organisation of your company.

Through focus groups and surveys Futureboard can help you gauge the perception of your brand on campus among specific student groups and access other research to help enhance your proposition.

Talent Assessment Design

At Futureboard our consultants are able to design bespoke assessment and development centres for your company, using robust competency models and the latest technology.

We take a personalised approach, designing material that links to your competencies and reflects your employer brand. Our goal is to make any assessment or development centre both challenging and insightful for assessors and candidates alike.

We believe that thorough feedback is hugely beneficial to candidates, helping them to build awareness of their key strengths and highlight any areas in need of additional development.

Graduate Development Design

As graduates become increasingly discerning about career choices and more cynical about marketing propaganda, it is essential that organisations have a forward-thinking approach towards their employee development. Our business partner Impact International has over 30 years’ experience in the field and will work with you to produce a graduate development programme that accommodates your business objectives whilst tapping into the mind set of today’s student population.

We can either provide a fully-customised programme, or candidates can be enrolled on an ‘open’ course. We guarantee that our combined creativity and commitment to graduate development will ensure that your valued talent will remain beyond the duration of the programme.

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